How Is It September

🚵🏻‍♂️ - i had a very short week this week because i had the tuesday off as well as the bank holiday. i used the time wisely by literally watching all of the tour de france stages in full
💬 - this week i didn’t do much much coding but a lot of dev team talking. we are about to add to the site a new bit of functionality, and we decided to take some time to think about how we were going to design it and how to break up the work, by having a structured chat with a Miro board. out of this came the kinds of conversations that can flow freely when we’re all the in the same room but seem really easy to not do remotely. it was really, really valuable, and i feel more confident about this bit of work than i have about anything we’ve worked on since i moved teams. the bit of effort we put in to organize these chats really, really paid off.
🌈 - for various reasons there’s been a lot of important and interesting conversations about diversity and inclusion in our organization this week. i’m glad i have an opportunity to help make my workplace and the tech industry as welcoming as possible to anyone who wants to be a part of it

Written on September 4, 2020