week thirty six

 week thirty six

🤯 - lost a day to a unit test this week because it turns out console.log doesn’t log out lots of the properties of a browser event. javascript why you do me like this.

📝 - had a really interesting time this week working on a relatively small bit of work (adding a contact form) but using it as a case study for slicing up value, refactoring as we go and understanding what different teams need from a bit of our work

👩‍🎓 - this week our apprentice has been doing her week long practical exam. it is gruelling and she’s done brilliantly.

🎙 - ended up having an impromptu day-long retro today about some things that have been plaguing our engineering team for a while. a day long retro doesnt sound like fun but it was really valuable and we have a load of action items that we’re going to work on. we’re overdue some improvements on a lot of things and i think we can approach them in a more structured way now.

🕺 - my partner spoke at a data science conference today. it was his first time and he’s been attending this conference for several years! what an achievement!

Written on September 10, 2021