week five

📚 - i’ve spent a lot of time this week brushing up on my OOP principles for an interview. i miss working with a class hierarchy that mapped well onto a domain, which we had in my previous product, but thinking about it more i’ve been opening up to ways we can use those concepts in our frontend.
🗺 - we spend a lot of time last week planning and researching a new set of API integration tests. I don’t think I’ve written production code in about two weeks but I think the planning we’ve done will be really really valuable for ensuring the quality of our product.
📬 - we’ve looked at using a library called Newman for our api tests - you can use it with postman to write tests that call your API with Postman and assert on the responses and results. the main thing is that the library is named after Newman from Seinfeld, because he was a mailman.

Written on February 8, 2021