2021 is underway

🐍 - I got to do some Python this week! There was a bit of work to do on a project my team supports, and it has a Python backend which I haven’t worked on for about six months. I like JS, but Python makes sense to me in a way other languages dont. I think it’s because it’s the language I first grasped a lot of programming concepts in, so it’s lodged in my brain.

🧪 - The issue we were working on in Python was really fun, because it was like doing a coding exercise. We had to display a week number for the week of the year based on a date, and there were special cases, and the week number usually corresponded with the ISO week number but not always. I’m going to write up the exercise and bring it to our weekly Code Club at work soon.

💯 - I had my end of year review, and I’d say it went very well. I had lots of useful feedback, and had a really good conversation with my line manager about things I’d have done differently last year, and how I could improve if I was in similar situations again.

👯‍♂️ - Today was the first session of my Upskilling in DevOps course through Tech Returners. Today was an intro to the principles of DevOps, and it was great to have a refreshing on something I feel like I know but would be hard pushed to explain to someone else.

📚 - Work reading this week: finished The Goal, reading Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss.

Written on January 29, 2021