week one

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 I joined a new team remotely and I was expecting it to be difficult - it was really challenging. there are people at work who have started new jobs and even new CAREERS in lockdown, they’re very impressive!
🛍 It’s the team that looks after the coop delivery service (here - go get some food, minimum spend £15 and free delivery)
📱 The existing team members are brilliant and really welcoming, but trying to essentially learn a new codebase and domain over the phone is a lot
🕰 I like getting to know my teammates personally and building relationships with them. This is going to be very different and take a long time
🆕 It’s exciting to use some cool new React features and new framworks - lodash/fp is one
🛒 The project is wholly dependent on someone else’s API which is new for me
👩‍💻 I haven’t worked on a service I use before that I can recall
😴 Way more developers than I’m used to - we are trying to work out the best way for us all to work together so the new team members can learn but we don’t all get totally drained - this isn’t easy
🏆 I won the team Friday quiz. it feels important to mention that

Written on June 8, 2020