week something

🔖 - our team apprentice is getting ready to take her first exam and i’ll be helping her get ready. she’s done an amazing job preparing on her own and i can’t wait to celebrate when she aces it
🧪 - i’ve been learning more about our testing strategy in the product by doing some tidying up work that’s involved updating some tests. we use lots of high level testing with lots of mock API calls, so it’s been helpful with getting straight what requests which data.
🧹 - we’ve been talking a bit about developer experience. our codebase has changed a lot in the last couple of weeks as we add a big new package to it, and that’s added a lot of complexity in getting set up, building the project and running tests. we want to remove this complexity so that there is less additional cognitive load and it’s easy for a new developer to understand how to work on the codebase with as little friction as possible. i haven’t been involved in this type of early stage project work before, so it’s really interesting.
👨‍🏫 - i’ve been taking a course on Coursera about the underlying concepts of programming languages with a focus on funcctional programming. as someone with literally no formal CS education, this is really valuable. i’ve learned so so much with practical work, but getting more of the theory feels key for my progress as developer
🎂 - today is my two year anniversary of working for Co-op. this marks the longest period i’ve spent at any job (i’m such a milennial). i still feel so lucky to work here and i can’t wait for another two years

Written on August 7, 2020