week three

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Being on the new team is still hard - not because of the team themselves, they’re wonderful, but figuring out a whole new set of ways of working, codebase, people, is tricky enough. Doing it alone from my living room makes it exponentially harder.
☕️ To make this a bit easier I’ve arranged virtual chats with the team deliver manager and product owner. I’ve never met the PO in real life before, so putting in a bit of effort to get to know them better seems like it’ll pay off a lot
😴 To be very honest, I have found moving teams in lockdown very very hard and tiring. The team are lovely and the product is interesting, but it’s so easy to feel isolated and ineffective. Luckily I have a very supportive team and manager, who are helping me take steps to make things easier. Talking to other colleagues who’ve moved during lockdown has helped.
📱 I’ve spent the last couple of weeks pairing with the devs who wrote the codebase, which is super helpful because they can tell us why they made decisions, and what things mean.
🎟 I have got a ticket to work on solo for a bit next week - I learn best by doing, so having to figure things out alone for a bit and banging my head up against the code base for a bit should help my get to know it a bit better.
🍾 I did my first production release on my new team’s product
⚽️ This week I wrote the quiz for the team. It didn’t go down very well, there were too many sports questions for a team full of nerds

Written on June 27, 2020